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It is no secret that the aviation industry is facing extreme challenges as a result of COVID-19. 

At Sigma we are thinking beyond.

Sigma is looking at how we can use our stimulus package from the government to pass on to those most affected during this difficult time.

Our priority is to assist the following groups:

  1. Those hardest hit:
    1. Regional Airlines
    2. Charter Operators
  2. Those doing exceptional work for the community during these difficult times:
    1. Medical retrieval and rescue services.
    2. Angel Flight
    3. Agriculture and Fire Support Operations.

By passing on the stimulus we can support those that need it during this time, we can bring forward maintenance that may otherwise not have been completed and we can create jobs at a time when they are so desperately needed.

As an Industry we need to Band Together, support each other, create job opportunities, keep aircraft flying. Our purpose is to keep and create jobs in this industry so when this ends, and it will end, as an industry we are ready to recover rapidly with operators still operating and the MRO skills needed to recover rapidly.